— A Wonderfully Unique Gift For Any Occasion! —

We firmly believe that a Shower Curtain should be a work of art. You don't display just anything on the walls of your home, so why display something bland in your bathroom? Take this opportunity to display a real hand-painted work of art!

Display something YOU like! Something YOU love!
Something YOU want to show off!

How It Works!

Every curtain is hand painted. So, the more complex and detailed the design, the higher the price. The simpler the design, the less expensive it will be. Just email us your picture, your logo, or any favorite design and we will create a sample sketch and email you back with a price quote. Be sure to let us know if you'd like certain colors and sizes. To get a rough idea of how much your custom shower curtain might cost, browse the designs that are here on our website.

Please be advised, that during certain hot and humid summer days, our curtain fabric absorbs a lot of moisture which can lead to slight bleeding around the edges of our silhouettes. We think it adds a nice shadow depth to the designs, but if this is an important issue for you, please contact us before purchase to check the humidity levels in our studio. We only print on lightweight thin polyester curtains and all custom orders (colors, sizes...) are not returnable.

WOW your guests with a Personalized Shower Curtain!
Amuse your friends and family! Order a Customized Shower Curtain today!

For more information, please contact us via CustomizedShowerCurtains.com